3.3.2023NYSD Cross CountryRichmondDay after Charlie's wedding.2023-24-NYSD-XC-Results-Richmond
5.2.2024NYSD Cross CountryWhitby2023-24 NYSD XC Results Whitby (1)
7.1.2024NYSD Cross CountryOrmesby Hall2023-24-NYSD-XC-Results-Ormesby-Hall
1.10.2023NYSD Cross CountryAcklam Grange 2023-24 NYSD XC Results Ormesby Hall2023-24-NYSD-XC-Results-Acklam-2
2.11.2023NYSD Cross CountryFox Rush Farm, RedcarNYSD-Fox-Rush-details-23-242023-24-NYSD-XC-Results-Foxrush
15.1.2023NYSD Cross CountryOrmesby HallNYSD Cross country Ormesby Hall 20232022-23 NYSD Ormesby Hall results
5.2.2023NYSD Cross CountryOld RacecourseRichmond XC details 20232022-23 NYSD Richmond results
5.3.2023NYSD Cross CountryCaedmon CollegeWhitby XC details 20232022-23 NYSD Whitby results
26.3.2023RelaysDarlington South Park2022-23 NYSD Darlington results
13.11.2022NYSD Cross CountryFox RushFox Rush XC Oct 162022-23 NYSD Foxrush results
4.12.2022NYSD Cross CountrySummerhill Summerhill Details 20222022-23 NYSD Summerhill results
03.10.2021NYSD Cross CountryAcklamACKLAm-XC-details-2021-22_NYSD_Acklam_Results_
9.10.2022NYSD Cross CountryAcklam2022 Acklam XC2022-23_NYSD_Acklam_Results_2
06.02.2022NYSD Cross CountryRichmond2021-22_NYSD_Results_Richmond
06.03.2022NYSD Cross CountryWhitby2021-22_NYSD_Whitby_results
09.01.2022NYSD Cross CountryOrmesbyFox Rush XC Oct 16
21.11.2021NYSD Cross CountryCroft2021 Croft Details2021-22_NYSD_Croft_Results
24.10.2021NYSD Cross CountryFoxrushFox Rush XC details 20212021-22_NYSD_Foxrush_Results
06.12.2021NYSD Cross CountrySummerhillSummerhill-Details-20212021-22_NYSD_Results_Summerhill
22.09.2019XC RelaysThe Flatts Thirsk2019-20_NYSD_Results_Thirsk
6.10.2019NYSD Cross CountryAcklam Grange School, MiddlesBorough2019-20 NYSD Results Acklam
10.11.2019NYSD Cross CountryCaedmon School, Whitby2019-20 NYSD Results Whitby
24.11.2019NYSD Cross CountryFox Rush Community woodland, Redcar2019-20_NYSD_Results_Fox_Rush
8.12.2019NYSD Cross CountryAcklam Re-arranged venue2019-20 NYSD Results Acklam 2
19.1.2020NYSD Cross CountryOrmesby Hall, Middlesbrough 2020 Ormesby Hall XC2019-20_NYSD_Results_Ormesby_Hall
16.2.2020NYSD Cross CountryOld Racecourse, Richmond
1.3.2020TBC NYSD Cross CountryCroft circuit Dalton Darlington
15.3.2020Road RelaysSouth Park, Darlington
02.07.2019Mulgrave Castle 10k 2019Mulgrave castle groundsMulgrave 2019 Result
10.03.2019NYSD South Park Darlington2019South Park Details
17.02.2019NYSD Cross CountryRichmond Old Race CourseRichmond_XC_details20182018-19Results Richmond
20.01.2019NYSD Cross CountryOrmesby Hall2018-19 Ormesby Hall XC detail2018-19Results Ormesby Hall
02.12.2018NYSD Cross CountryFox Rush Farm,These are the scores after Fox Rush Farm2018-19cumms v3.xlsx2018-19Results_Fox_Rush_results
18.11.2018NYSD Cross CountryPreston ParkOrgaised by Stockton Strollers2018-19Results Preston Park
04.11.2018NYSD Cross CountryCaedmon School WhitbyNYSD fixture2018-19Results Whitby
04.11.2018Cumulative Scores after Thirsk Relay, Acklam and Whitby eventsThese are the scores after Thirsk - Acklam and Whitby Events2018-19cumms v3.xlsx
14.10.2018NYSD Cross CountryAcorn Centre, AcklamMiddlesbrough & Cleveland Harriers2018-19Results_Acklam_results
11.3.2018NYSDSouth Park Darlington2018 South Park Details2017-18-South-Park-relay-results
18.02.2018NYSD Cross CountryRichmond Old Race CourseRichmond_XC_details20182017-18 Richmond results
21.01.2018NYSD Cross CountryOrmesby Hall2018 Ormesby Hall XC details2017-18_Ormesby_Hall_results
25.05.2017NYMAC Spring 4 x 1 mile Relay RaceStewarts Park, MiddlesbroughInfoNYMAC Relay Results 25th May
17.05.2017Fox and Hounds ChaseEsk Valley Fell ClubFox And Hounds Chase RouteFox & Hounds Chase 2017 Results
23.04.2017Gisborough Moors 40th AnniversaryEsk Valley Fell ClubGisborough Moors RouteGisborough Moors 2017 Results
04.06.2017Mulgrave RunMulgrave Community Sports Association. Lythe nr WhitbyMulgrave Castle 10k Results 2017
25.06.2017Cleveland Way RelaysCleveland WayInfoRace Report & Results
19.11.2017NYSD Cross CountryPreston ParkOrganised by Stockton Strollers
2017-18 Preston Park results 2
12.11.2017NYSD Cross Country Meeting 2 Caedmon School WhitbyMeeting 2 course2017-18_Whitby_results
15.10.2017NYSD Cross Country Acklam Grange School 2017 Acklam XC Details2017-18_ACKLAM_Results
18.12.2016Poultry Run 2016Loftus Leisure CentreInfoPoultry Run Results 2016
02.03.2014NYSD RelaysCroft AutodromeInfoxMulgrave 2019 Result
25.08.2016NYMAC Tom Wall 4 x 1 mile relay raceStewarts Park, MiddlesbroughInfoTom Wall Relays Full Results 2016
06.03.2016NYSD relaysSouth Park DarlingtonInfox
26.05.2016NYMAC Spring 4 x 1 mile relay raceStewarts Park, MiddlesbroughInfoNYMAC Relay Results 26th May
05.06.2016Mulgrave Castle 10KMulgrave Community Sports Association. Lythe nr WhitbyInfoMulgrave Castle 10K Results 2016
07.06.2015Mulgrave Castle 10KMulgrave Community Sports Association. Lythe nr WhitbyInfoMulgrave Castle 2015 Results
20.12.2015Poultry Run 2015Loftus Leisure CentreInfoPoultry Run Results 2015
20.07.2014Harrogate Town Centre 10KHarrogateInfoResults
03.12.2014NYSD Cross CountrySummerhill Hartlepool2017-18cumms2017-18_Summerhill_results
21.12.2014Poultry Run 2014LoftusxPoultry Run Result 2014