Since Mick had reached a landmark birthday a group from the club decided to celebrate the event by going to “Adreneline” in Richmond.  They started the session with around an hour of war games using air soft BB type pellets.  The term air soft is somewhat misleading as if you were hit you suffered pain, Adele will certainly confirm that fact also evidenced by the number of bruises Charlie was exhibiting at the next training session. Julia being probable one of the more sensible team members initially didn’t seem that keen but then turned into the female version of Rambo. Tom refused to admit being shot at all maybe it was because he was just so much faster than the rest of us.

Finishing the war games the group then moved onto the assault course which involved lots of mud and water, since Charlie cannot swim and has short legs she clearly found this a little worrying.  However with good teamwork between Mally and Charlie they got around in a respectable 23 mins 17 seconds.  At least that’s the time Charlie is claiming.  All in All Mick’s Birthday event turned out to be a great success and enjoyed by all. Check out some photographs of the event by clicking on the picture below.