Folks, I hope you are all fit & well!
Sara has suggested a great way we can come together as a club (not literally) and raise some money for our amazing NHS, and our creative Philippa has designed us a poster!
Over next weekend we plan to run a virtual relay, £5 per runner, run in club vest if possible and carry a homemade rainbow baton (bog roll tube), if possible please take a pic and maybe a very short video pretending to hand over to the next runner (we’ll attempt to make a tik tok video once completed).
The plan is to run for 1 hour per £5, it doesn’t need to be ran overnight, we’ll just pick up early the next day. As many people as possible to take part, you don’t have to be a L&W member, everyone is welcome. Please ask your family, friends etc if they fancy it.
If you’re interested please comment here or contact Sara or myself, Sara will then allocate you a time slot to suit (I’m sure if more than 1 is running at the same time this will be allowed).
Payment via PayPal as shown on poster.
Hope you all fancy joining in and help to raise money for our lifesavers on the front line ❤️💸
Any questions just ask by emailing either Sue or Phillipa on  these links  Sue or   Phillipa