Mulgrave Castle 10K

This Race is a must for your diary, the provisional date is set for 7th June 2020

2019 Poultry Run Provisional Results

The Provisional Poultry Run results can be found at this link. 2019 Poultry Run Result   There is a duplicate bib number for Bib number 483 all other results appear correct please contact us if you spot an error or omission and we will investigate and  correct the...

Charles Stuart Track and Field Event

The Charles Stuart Track and Field event will take place on Sunday March 29 2020 at Middlesborough Sports Village.  The Start time for events is 10:30, the link to the Entry form and further information is here  CS Meeting entry form 2020.  If your interested please...

Mikey and Kyah get engaged

Whilst on a recent holiday in Disneyland Paris Mikey proposed to Kyah, who as you can probably guess from the centre picture said yes.  His daughter Mia is super excited to be a bridesmaid as is Colin their dog.  Congratulations to you both                 ...

Four ladies and a marathon

Finally the day had arrived – Sunday 13th October 2019. This date had been in  our diaries for some months, after four of us decided to run our first Hardmoors Marathon, Fryupdale.   Continue to read