I am sure some of you will know but a close family friend of mine and former Whitby & Loftus runner John Hunter has been sadly diagnosed with motor neuron disease. I have been raising money for the MND association & the MND care centre in JCUH who are in charge of his care. So far I have raised just over £1,000, I am doing this predominantly through monthly challenges or the 7 in 7 (inspired by Kev Sinfield / Rob Burrow). I have one challenge under my belt so far which was the Rob Burrow Leeds Marathon the next challenge is the Dalby Inferno (5km on the hour every hour for ten hours). I can send you over the full list if you would like!

Basically I’m emailing to see if you would like to get involved in any of the challenges or the fundraising? For example in August, my challenge is to run 7 miles every day for 7 days and I am hoping to do this with different peer groups associated with John or the MND association. If you would like to know more or are keen to get involved please get in touch, my number is 07495856997 and i am on facebook etc. i have a few posters that I can share with you with a list of all the challenges. I know John would really appreciate any and all support and it would be great to team up with you guys.

Thank you