We all know how the North Yorkshire Coast 
Has many beautiful places to boast
A lesser known spot is Castle Mulgrave
They let us run once a year on their private estate
A 10k trail classed as “undulating”
Now someone is guilty of excess understating
“You’ll love it” says Sue “it is really nice”
I’m sure Sue’s said that before, once or twice
The race directors our own Tony and Brenda
Prerace entries for Loftus just three from each gender
But on the day we had a full team
Eight men, seven women, grand total fifteen
As a Mulgrave virgin I got quite concerned
About this hill at the end when your energy’s burnt
My friends may have warned me but not one of them did
Till I’d already signed up and paid the ten quid
That’s when I was enlightened with relish
“You may run 9.8 but you’ll walk up to t’finish”

The first mile was downhill and a bit of a lark
Then through a tunnel, watch your footing its dark!
Back into the sunlight blinking like a mole
But the path was quite sound not too many holes

Plenty of marshals from Loftus and Whitby
When they shout my name it gives me energy
The miles they ticked by and at three and a quarter  
We all got the chance to take on some water
When I dispensed with my plastic cup
Through the ford, round the corner and another hill up
The next two and a half miles felt really good
Then back through the tunnel to the start of the woods
Then the part I’d been dreading all along
I must run up this hill to prove them all wrong
How I managed that God only knows
My legs they were aching from bum to my toes
When I recovered I went back to the finishing line
To cheer other runners who finished behind
Results time and our club was quite a success
A handful of prizes, no more, no less 
The helpers got cake for the hard work they had done
Ne’er mind us poor sods who’d actually run!
I’m glad I was tricked into the Mulgrave 10k
It was yet another wonderful day!