“London 2018”

Couple of things to bear in mind before reading my write up;

– It all came into mind on Sunday afternoon, when I was feeling a bit strange.

– The day before the Marathon Judith and I went to see the matinee performance of Mamma Mia.

“The Winner on the Mall”

“I can hardly walk
After what I’ve been through
Though it’s hurting me
Now it’s history
I’d trained all those yards
And that’s what you’d have done too
Nothing more but pray
My legs would not give way

The winner on the Mall
The loser’s hit the wall
For all it’s victory
That’s our destiny

Using just their arms
The guys in the wheelchair
They’re first to commence
Now things were getting tense
I wasn’t going to moan
So great just to be there
But already far from cool
The heat was going to rule

Go slow was the advice
Or you might pay the price
And soon it would be clear
Not fast for me this year
The winners on the Mall
The losers hit the wall
We all run through the pain
And try not to complain

A gel I should not miss
At 14 I cannot miss you?
To crash would be a shame
When everyone calls your name
Over on the other side
It’s Mo I almost miss you
Cheering all the way
Will it be his day

Now onto Riverside
Trying hard to keep my stride
Spectators really grow
And they let you know
Oh yes I see Big Ben
It’s getting near the end
Now slowing to a crawl
The winner doesn’t fall

I couldn’t even talk
At the end I feel so bad
I can hardly stand
Then someone shook my hand
I receive my prize
That medal makes you feel glad
Then it all makes sense
Achievement so immense

Now I see
The winner we are all
The winners we stand tall”


Thanks to the club for giving me the opportunity to run, special thanks to Sue.

Oh and by the way for those who don’t know, my time was 3:45, but to be honest after doing 3.7 “Miles For Matt” this morning that seems a bit irrelevant.