Unfortunately, because of the virus, we have no alternative but to cancel this year’s race. 
Amid all the uncertainty we feel it wouldn’t be possible to try and fix another date this year, so we intend to run the race again in 2021, on June 6th. 
We currently have 60 + entries and I would like to adopt the following procedure.
  • All entries can transfer to next year’s race
  • If the date of next year’s race is not suitable your entry can be transferred to another runner.
  • RaceBest are currently experiencing a lot of pressure under these extraordinary circumstances, but they do have a refund policy. For their admin they willcharge £2per refund and it is currently taking 21 days for it to come through.
    If you want to go down this path please contact them direct.
I would like to thank you all for entering; we hope to see you next year.
Stay safe and well
Brenda and Tony Hare
Loftus and Whitby AC