Robert has been in contact with Knysna Marathon Club in South Africa where they have a lot of under priveleged athletes, many of them running barefoot (not by choice) and we have chosen this club to donate our old unused vests to. Therefore we would like it if you could exchange your current vest with a new vest please. If you have sentimental attachment to your vest we understand and won’t insist you hand it in. If anyone doesn’t already have a vest and would like to buy one these are £11.
I will have vests with me at the cross country next Sunday (20th Jan.)
If you would prefer to keep and race in your current vest these are still registered with England Athletics.
We are also looking at collecting running trainers together that are collecting dust and shipping a box over, not just yet but don’t throw any away!
If you want any more info please give Sue a shout.
Here’s the link to Knysna Marathon Club
Sue & Crew