Sunday 14th April 2019. The Swainby Sweep with Andrea, Ann and Kelly completing 16miles.

The lead up to the race was the usual mix of emotions, dread, nervous excitement and just wanting to get it over with. We arrived early as usual the weather at registration was cold, breezy with the odd glimpse of the sun
From the start ‘Speedy’ also known as Kelly took off and we didn’t see her until the end of the race Kelly finished in 2hrs 53mins including having time to stop and take photos!
After the initial climb we eventually reached the top which was fairly flat the only downside was the wind. It was so cold and we had hailstones so we quickly put our jackets on.
Heading back we had a four mile down hill ‘yeah!’ Which we put to good use by increasing our pace slightly. The route was a typical trail run on established paths which thankfully were mainly dry. The overall elevation on our Garmins was 1985ft
Andrea and I completed the course in 3hrs 21mins. It was enjoyable and I would do it again though I was glad to see the finish. Andrea I’m sure could of kept running she looked so strong.

The race was well organised including parking instructions, toilets locations and advising where to go after the race for water and goody bag. There was plenty of tape and signposts on the route. The marshals were brilliant. There were enough feed stations with the usual drinks, flapjack, jelly babies etc.