Good afternoon guys,

I am a member of Stainland Lions running club in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

I regularly visit Whitby 3/4 times a year on weekend breaks and always run the 199 steps for the fun of it. My current record is 25 reps. Up the steps 25 times and then back down the cobbles 25 times. Frigging looney.

Anyway, my wife and I are coming over again this Saturday 2nd November and are running the steps again. I aim to beat 30 reps. I was wondering if any of your members fancy popping along to join me, then maybe a beer afterwards.

Random request I know !! We aim to get to Whitby around lunch time.

If anyone fancies joining me, my number is 07931 629791 and my email address is [email protected]

We will also be running Dalby Forest parkrun first, then onto Whitby.

Hopefully some of your members can join us for the support and encouragement !!


Jonny and Nicki.